about tuuma
innovative furniture for smaller and unique spaces
tuuma is a Finnish word that means both "inch" and "idea". This dual
concept is the starting point for all tuuma furniture. We believe that well-
designed furniture doesn’t take up space; rather it expands the space by
making it more functional and more beautiful. Good furniture is about
harmony: between design and function, between the user’s needs and the
piece, between the piece and the space.

tuuma’s main focus is designing furniture and creating storage for
virtually any space. We can custom-build for any room or usage, or make
a unique and creative gift for any space or occasion.

A unique aesthetic
tuuma furniture is created with functionality in mind at every stage of
design and construction. You'll find that our custom furniture is practical
and has a unique aesthetic that cannot be found elsewhere. And every
design takes its inspiration from the natural beauty of wood.

tuuma furniture is finished using water-based top coats to let the beauty
of the wood show through and to help reduce volatile organic compounds
(VOCs), which are environmental pollutants. Water-based finishes are
also non-toxic, virtually maintenance-free and extremely durable.

This combination of function, beauty and inspiration is tuuma's principle
focus - and we hope that your unique tuuma piece will transform your
innovative furniture for smaller and unique spaces