Since 2006, tuuma has been a specialist in creating custom
furniture for smaller spaces. A small space can be challenging to
decorate, in that both storage and style need to be considered in
equal parts to create an attractive, yet useful space.

tuuma furniture offers a unique way to organize your home and
complement its beauty through the timeless, natural beauty of
wood and innovative, custom designs.

For those who are downsizing their homes, living in condos, or
anyone who wants more storage without sacrificing style, tuuma
can work with you to find the perfect solution that suits your needs
and space.

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welcome to tuuma woodcraft
innovative furniture for smaller and unique spaces
and let's get started on your project today!
tuuma can:
     -create a fully custom piece for your home
     -recreate a piece for you from our
     -modify a piece from our galleries to suit your needs perfectly